TMT Investment
New Hope Group has attached importance to innovation and always the latest trends of the TMT industry
TMT (Technology, Media& Telecommunications) is an emerging industry in which high-tech companies are connected with telecommunications and other industries through the Internet and other media.
New Hope Group has attached importance to innovation and always followed the reforms and developments in emerging sectors, particularly the latest trends of the TMT industry. New Hope Group believes that the TMT sector will be a growth point of economy in the future. Therefore, it has increased its investments in the sector, thereby creating a corporate atmosphere favorable for reform and innovation, serving existing businesses and promoting industrial development. So far, New Hope Group’s investments in this regard have mainly focused on e-commerce, online financing, mobile marketing and social networking.

Minsheng E-commerce

Minsheng E-commerce Co., Ltd. (“Mnsheng E-commerce” for short) was officially registered and founded in August, 2013 and obtained the virtual operation license. New Hope Group is its greatest stakeholder.

Minsheng E-commerce is the first Internet financing enterprise in China based on precise big data, integrating resources from commercial banks and founded by top professionals from the sectors of financing, Internet and e-commerce. So far, Minsheng E-commerce is operating multiple platforms including Minsheng Yidai (E-loaning), Minsheng Yimao (E-trade), Minsheng Mall,,, etc.

HEcom Technology

HEcom Technology (, founded in 2009 and listed in November, 2015, is committed to providing the service of mobile marketing management to large-, medium- and small-sized enterprises. By serving such quality clients as Sanyuan, New Hope Group, Fosun, Eve Group and, it has expanded vertically. Both New Hope Group and New Hope Liuhe are stakeholders of HEcom.

HEcom mainly provides mobile marketing management products and cloud services known as Hongquan marketing. By permeating management throughout the process of sales, it customizes marketing management platforms for the industry of consumables, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture and animal husbandry and thus helps enterprises improve management.


in is a social networking app highlighting fashion and taste. A brand website under Jiuyan Technology, in was released on 6th June, 2014 and listed on the New OTC Market. New Hope Group participated in the financing of the B round and the issue of more stock when listed on the New OTC Market.

in is the most popular image social networking app in China that has the capacity for handling life-related big data. Based on effective user interaction in certain scenarios, in perfectly combines marketing and ad pushing. By giving remarkable exposure to brands, it succeeds in commercialization.

Weiying Technology

Beijing Weiying Technology Co. Ltd. is an entertainment marking and distribution company founded in May, 2014. In November, 2015, Weiying completed its C-round financing and attracted an investment of RMB 150 million—the largest single investment in the niche market of mobile ticketing. New Hope Group is one of the investors.

Weiying’s business covers movies, performances and sports. It is the most promising entertainment big data company. Its mobile ticketing platform, Weipiaoer, is the No.1 online ticket-selecting platform with the most cinema partners and the greatest movie-goer coverage.

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