Let’s Hope
Join us, for the beautiful, for the hopeful
A unanimous understanding of talents is the foundation of our mutual recognition. A young and diverse team will enable you and the company to grow together. A variety of culture-building activities will bring you to a full play. Join us and strive for a bright future together.

Perspective of Talents

Based on a comprehensive analysis of high-end talents, we also value the following qualities, besides sound professional abilities.
Be positive towards your jobs
Be result-oriented
Always self-examine and keep improving yourself
Be flexible psychologically
Be positive and open-minded
Be result-oriented
Be self-motivated and willing to drive for continuous improvement
Be willing to help others succeed for the benefits of the organization or the team
Be willing to contribute or take jobs beyond your duty
Believe in yourself and your team
Be willing to take challenges
Be able to lead the others
Ability of Thinking
Have the capacity to learn quickly so that you can become an expert in your field within a short period of time, and learn continuously;
Ability of Learning
Be able to learn fast
Be able to become an expert in a particular field quickly
Keep on learning and trying
Ability of Communication
Be able to communicate efficiently with your superior or subordinate
Be able to express your opinions appropriately
Be able to deliver right messages
Be able to influence others by effective communication

Our Team

Wherever and whatever cultural background you come from, you are able to share the world as long as you have a young heart.

Young and Positive

To realize the group’s strategy and adapt to the changes of the society nowadays, we have high expectations and demands on the young people. That’s why the group is never sparing any effort in training and using young talents. It’s not only about trust and support. It’s more about transforming and nurturing. The company is willing to put more challenges and responsibilities on the shoulder of the next generation of NHG leaders so that they can inject new vitality and energy into the 34 year old ever-flourishing company.


Average age of the youngest team


Average age of the headquarter


Age of the youngest BU Head

Diverse and Comprehensive

In NHG, we have here graduates from a variety of reputable universities around the globe. We are joined by many professionals who have working experiences in Fortune 500 companies. We have also expat employees working with us in and outside China. A diverse background always makes it possible to generate innovative concepts. In an atmosphere where individual character is respected and differences are tolerated, they are working as one and rapidly promoting their own values while creating values for the company.
Education Background
Domestic: Tsinhua Univ., Beijing Univ., Fudan Univ. etc.
Overseas: Harvard, Cornell etc.
Professional Experiences
Elites from foreign and domestic Fortune 500 enterprises and governments
Diversified Culture
Teams made up of people from various countries and regions and with diverse cultural backgrounds

Culture-building Activities

A dynamic and efficient team results from open and tolerant culture. In NHG, you are treated kindly no matter where you come from. We hold diversified culture-building activities, which are great catalyst for team building and triggering vitality.
A dynamic and efficient team results from open and tolerant culture. We hold diversified culture-building activities, which are great catalyst for team integration and triggering vitality.


“Newbies, Leaders, Elites and Falcons” program, “Management Trainee” program, “young-and-middle-aged training” programs, “Soaring dragon” programs will meet career development needs at different levels.

Spring/Autumn Outing

Seasonal outing activities are organized for our staff to close to the nature.

Team Building

Here we have not only rigorous military exercise but also light and joyful games. They are both intended to help you mix into the NHG family faster and better.

Birthday Party

Colleagues will be gathered to celebrate the birthday person in each month. Blessings and candle lights bring you the family warmth.

Local Festivals

At any corner of the world, NHG employees can always merge into the local culture: you may celebrate Holi Festival with Indian friends, greeting the spring, and hope.

New Year Gala

When entering the world, we are entering the local life. In the meantime, we are also bringing our culture, like Hongbao, to the world.
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