Corporate Culture
Corporate Value: Illuminative, Positive, Normative, Innovative

For a long time, the Group has been committed to the beautiful vision of evergreen business. We follow the core values “Illuminative, Positive, Normative, Innovative” to build an eco-friendly, sustainable and world-class enterprise of food and modern agriculture.


An illuminative character contributes to business operation
Be simple, sincere, happy, confident and illuminative
Willing to give and contribute to collective interests
Be friendly, energetic and communicative


Promote positive thinking and integrity
"Positive mind and action bring positive results."


Be professional, dedicated, diligent and conscientious
Be honest, fair and trustworthy
Serve the customers and society


Dedicated to product and service innovation to build core competency
Improve management ideas and practices for better performance
Innovate business models for continual growth

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