Chairman's Message

Since our foundation in 1982, New Hope Group has gone through a journey of more than three decades, following the pace of China’s economic reform and opening-up. We are known as an “evergreen tree” among Chinese private enterprises. But compared with other time-honored enterprises around the globe, we have just completed the first leg of an arduous journey.


Our journey started from agriculture, an ancient but always promising industry. The land provides us with an inexhaustible source of support, as the company developed from feed manufacturing to farming technology, food processing, channel development, facility construction and financial services. Today, New Hope Group has a broad base of operations that mainly engage in agriculture, animal husbandry and food processing, but we also operate and invest in emerging innovative industries with growth potential.


Currently, New Hope Group has a presence in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. Meanwhile, we are accelerating the establishment of overseas regional headquarters. We are dedicated to becoming a truly international company that brings together the best global resources and delivers the best products and services to customers across the world.


The 30-year-old New Hope strives to “grow young”. Entrepreneurial passion and innovative mindset are the key to our success today and in the future. The New Hope Group fulfills its mission to promote industry and social progress based on its own growth. We actively adapt to the trend of the time, meet the demand of customers and foster continuous development always “half a step ahead”.


Growth is the ultimate beauty on the earth; hope is the utmost freshness in nature. New Hope Group shares beauty with the world!

Liu Yonghao
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