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New Hope Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise group mainly engaged in modern agriculture and food industry. It was founded by the famous private entrepreneur Mr. Liu Yonghao in 1982. Since struggling with the tide of reform, new hope group has the second feed production capacity in the world, the first in China and the first poultry processing capacity in China. And one of the largest integrated suppliers of meat, eggs and milk in China.

In 40 years of development,new hope group is based on the modern agriculture and food industry and continues to extend to upstream and downstream industries to dairy FMCG, smart urban and rural areas, financial investment and other related industries. It has more than 600 subsidiaries around the world, more than 135000 employees, the group's asset scale exceeds RMB 300 billion, and its sales revenue exceeds RMB 240 billion in 2021, ranked 390th on t the Fortune Global 500 in 2021. New Hope is given an AAA credit rating by China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co. Ltd

From 1994,When Mr. Liu Yonghao initiative launch "glorious cause" industrial poverty alleviation, to 2021, joined hands with the "Yonghao Charity Foundation" to launch the "Five-Five Plan" to help the National rural revitalization Strategy,new hope group has always rooted in the fields of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, focused on people's livelihood industries, and strived to be the "vanguard of Rural Revitalization". In the future, new hope group will continue to implement the mission of "Hope, Make Life Better", lead development with the concept of "five new", and strive to build an excellent enterprise with world competitiveness.

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New Hope Group participates in rural revitalization White-book

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