2016/6/27 22:03:52
Senior Auditing Manager, Internal Control


1. Make annual plans for the internal control auditing of the Group;

2. Perform auditing on the internal control procedures for the business operations of the headquarters, divisions, directly-affiliated companies, subsidiaries and branches;

3. Take charge of the work standards of the Auditing and Supervision Department;

4. Assist with other auditing tasks of the Group and its divisions.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in finance-related disciplines;

2. More than five years of experience in internal control auditing at a renowned large conglomerate or in auditing at the top 4 accounting firms;

3. Familiarity with the internal control procedures and priorities of a conglomerate and capability of carrying out internal control auditing, internal control management, and performance auditing independently;

A keen eye for loopholes in business operation and the perseverance to find out the ultimate truth;

4. Team spirit and good communication skills.